Dental Crowns In Annapolis

If you’ve got a damaged tooth, Annapolis dentists are here to help. With our lab-made crowns, you can restore your smile and your bite, too.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a hollow, tooth-shaped dental prosthetic that’s made from durable, tooth-like ceramic materials. Crowns are hollow because they are designed to fit over your existing tooth, covering it up and replacing it completely. They are one of the most commonly-used restorative dentistry treatments.

Because crowns cover up your existing tooth structure, they provide excellent protection and are ideal for repairing damaged teeth. Crowns also look and feel completely natural, so your crown from Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry will restore your appearance, too.

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What Dental Issues Can Crowns Resolve?

Extensive Tooth Decay

If you have a really deep cavity, Dr. Sidlowski may recommend that you get a dental crown rather than a filling. Large fillings are more delicate and tend to fail prematurely, making a crown a better choice for treating severe decay.

Infected Teeth

Teeth become infected when a deep cavity or dental trauma damages the outer layers of enamel and dentin. This exposes the “pulp” inside your tooth to oral bacteria that cause an infection.

Along with root canal therapy, a dental crown is the best way to restore your tooth after a tooth infection. Once Dr. Sidlowski removes the infected material from the inside of your tooth, she will cover the tooth with a crown to restore your smile and your bite.

Cracked And Broken Teeth

Crowns are ideal for repairing teeth that have been cracked or broken due to dental trauma, untreated teeth grinding, and other such causes. With a crown, you can cover up your broken tooth and smile proudly once again.

Why Choose Dental Crowns?

Dental implants are the best way to protect and cover up damaged teeth. They look and feel 100% natural, too. You’ll forget that you even have a dental crown! Some benefits of dental crowns include:

* Completely natural look and feel
* Simple treatment process
* Protects teeth and prevents complications

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The Dental Crown Process


Prep and crown fitting

To begin the process, Dr. Sidlowski will clean and numb your mouth. Then, she will trim away any damaged material from your tooth and reshape it. Next, she will take images and impressions of your teeth.


Building your crown

Once your impressions are done, you’ll be sent home with a temporary crown to cover up your tooth. Dr. Sidlowski will send your impressions to a dental lab where your permanent crown will be built from tooth-colored porcelain.


Final crown placement

In a few weeks, you’ll come back to Chesapeake Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for your final appointment. Dr. Sidlowski will remove your temporary crown, clean up your tooth, then check your permanent crown to make sure it fits properly. Finally, she will attach the crown to your tooth, then send you home to enjoy your newly-restored smile.

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